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Welcome to Giftxie, your exclusive online portal offering employees the opportunity to save money on the products they buy every day. Our innovative employee purchasing platform gives today’s businesses the chance to reward their employees and offer them many perks they wouldn’t find anywhere else.

Headquartered in Malaysia and serving the global business community, Giftxie was founded under the principles of offering quality products, attractive prices and an equally valuable reward system for Corporate HR. We make it easy for your employees to purchase the goods and services they want while saving money. We even deliver our products right to the workplace making our service truly hands free for HR departments in businesses all around the world. No matter the market niche, size of the company or location, Giftxie has a solution for your employee benefit programs.

Our Philosophy

Our team of dedicated professionals strives to provide our clients with a higher level of service and support while ensuring their complete satisfaction. We create premium partnerships across Malaysia to bring you the products you want at prices you can afford.

From everyday purchases such as food, services and groceries, to big-ticket items like tablets, computers, travel and more, Giftxie has you covered. We even offer HR personnel the opportunity to utilize our valuable reward system, which can be used for future purchases to benefit the organization.

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To learn more about Giftxie and how we can integrate our program within your organization, contact us and let one of our experienced representatives assist you and answer any questions you might have.

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